How to Subscribe

Email to, providing some contact information (name, address, phone number) and requesting a DIY account. Please include a suggested username. You will be given an account and temporary password on receipt of payment. You can then upload files.

How to Use DIY Pages

On your computer, pick a directory and design some Web pages, using only relative links (such as href="fido.html", not href="/dir/fido.html") to refer to your files and images. You can verify them using a file: URL on your browser.

You can then use the maintenance and listing tool to upload files to your public directory, delete files, and download them for editing.
The upload script has been revised. It now preserves file suffixes and generates a warning if a MIME type cannot be found. See the uploads page for more detail.

You can now use a http PUT script with publishing tools such as Netscape Gold and AOLPress. See the uploads page for more detail.

The private directory is only accessible using your password. Scripts will be provided to allow forms in HTML to generate datafiles in this area. Other monitoring tools may be made available, such as access and error logs.

While normal right-mouse methods may be used to download HTML files, GIFs etc. it is necessary to use the Download feature to download IMAP and shtml files (which will return server-generated HTML rather than their contents if accessed via http).


DIY accounts are are charged at $10/month, in advance. Up to 1 year may be prepaid.


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