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50th Anniversary of the Nicholson 32

2013 saw us to celebrating the 50th anniversary of this iconic boat. We held special events: Kate and Geoff exhibited our most famous boat, Gulliver G, at the London Boat Show for all to visit. The attraction proved very popular with one person heard to say "nice to see a real boat". There were rallies in the Solent, on the East Coast, Cornwall and Scotland. Anniversary "battle flags" are still available for ordering. Our celebratory dinner was thoroughly enjoyable with special guest speaker Jeremy Lines.

Our 50th Anniversary commemorative magazine was distributed with the Spring mailing. Additional copies are available for £10 including postage. A big thanks to the numerous Members who donated to the 50th Anniversary celebrations fund and are listed on our Roll of Honour board on our Members' page.

A new Scottish Trophy has been given to the Association. See news page for details.

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