See The CUSI master site for background information and the list of CUSI services.
See the CUSI list for other CUSI sites.

Lynx users should use this radio button version of CUSI.

WWW Indices

These are some manual indices of WWW-based information useful for finding well-known services.
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The CUI W3 Catalog (Newfie mirror of main Catalog) is a fairly comprehensive semi-automated high-quality global index.
Our ALIWEB (UK) is semi-distributed/autmated special global index for the Web.
The popular Yahoo features a hierarchically organised subject tree.
The GNA Meta-Library is becoming more out of date as it is maintained manually, but has got non-WWW refernces also.
CityScape's Global On-Line Directory (UK) is one of any claiming to be the "the ultimate Internet reference" soon...
DA-CLOD is a database where anybody can add URLs.
The comp.infosystems.announce search engine refers to your local News system for the actual articles (which may no longer exist).

Robot generated WWW Indices

These indices of WWW-based resources are generated by robots, and therefore very complete, but are more likely to find too much information.

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The Lycos robot is probably the largest.
The WebCrawler is smaller, but more up-to-date.
The comprehensive Harvest Resource Discovery system has a demo database of WWW Pages.
The EInet Galaxy also has a subject tree.
InfoSeek is commercial, but have a limited free demo facility.
JumpStation is an index in the UK, which is not actively maintained.
If they don't help, the RBSE URL Search, the Nikos,

You might also try Open Text, who cannot currently be queried via CUSI.

Other Internet Indices

These are not WWW-based, but may well be of interest.

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The Whole Internet Catalog is an up-to-date copy of the appendix in Ed Krol's The Whole Internet Guide. Veronica searches Gopherspace, but is very busy and often gives far too many matches to be useful. The WAIS Directory of servers will find relevant WAIS sources. The Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides has lists of resource guides.


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ArchiePlex is a full-featured Archie gateway for the web, and locates files on Anonymous FTP sites. The Language List and the Free Compilers and Interpreters List should be obvious. Our Mac Software Catalog is a Web view of Michigan's Mac Archive. The IBMPC Windows Archive is part of the HENSA/Micros archive, and the Unix Archive is also maintained by HENSA in the UK.

You might also check out the Virtual Shareware Library (SHASE), with search engines for UNIX, Mac, Windows, DOS, Atari, Amiga etc.


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There is no single good way for finding people on the internet. The NetFind Gopher uses a number of different sources to locate people. This UFN Search will find people in the X.500 directory. You can query the Internet domains database to look for organisations on the net.


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For Internet related standards and proposed standards you can use the RFC Index Search and Internet Draft Index Search at NEXOR. The Unified CS TR Index gives nice HTLM abstracts, and Rick Harris maintains a WAIS database of Computer Science Technical Reports. The SEL-HPC Article Archive contains databases on High Performance Computing and other disciplines. The CIA World Factbook is the 1993 edition. Alex is a Catalogue of Electronic Texts on the Internet.


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