Coopers Green

Map file: ch1.2.2
XY 353,152

Dive Waypoint: Halfmoon Bay, Sechelt
Skill Level: Intermediate


Cooper's Green dive site is located in a small park at Cooper's Green in Halfmoon Bay, Sechelt. It is right beside a boat launching site, though it is well signed for the boaters to stay to the north side of the launch. There is also a small marina there. There is a small island about 50 meters off shore. The dive is to swim around the base of the island. There is an octopus and a wolf eel sometimes visible there. It is an easy, relaxing dive, nice for a check out or shake out dive.

Depth Profile:
Depending on the tide, the depth is a max of about 80 feet, though less at low tide. There is an easy shore entry, from a beach, with facilities for washing off after. The swim to the island is short, dropping about 15 feet, then decending beside the island steeply to 60-70 feet on average.

There is a boat launch, phone, and small picnic/park area. There is also a concession sometimes.

There is some small amount of long grass between the island and the shore, but you can swim over it.

This is a nice easy dive for checkouts, or shakeouts.

Rating: **** (One star - poor, 5 stars - excellent)

Entered by Tony Brooks

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