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Map file: ch3.1.1
XY 93,206

Dive Waypoint: West Chatham Sound
Anchorage Waypoint: Osborne Island - southeast side
Skill Level: Intermediate


Boat dive on small cluster of islands and rocky reefs in high current, high exposure area facing directly onto the Hecate Strait; well out of the freshwater plume of the Skeena River so the viz is good too. Spectacular dive with loads of invertebrate life as well as rockfish, cabezon, greenling, and lingcod populations. As well as rocky reefs, there are some wall dives to be found, urchin barrens, kelp forests, and sand/mud flats.

None. It is between 1-2 hour boat ride from Prince Rupert Harbour.

Kelp and high currents. Exposed to Hecate Strait, so this is a very weather permitting dive site.


Rating: ***** (One star - poor, 5 stars - excellent)

Entered by Erika Rolston

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