Wainwright Basin

Map file: ch3.1.1
XY 246,221

Dive Waypoint: Near Galloway Rapids
Skill Level: Novice


Easy access shore dives. High current areas for more advanced divers but back eddies perfect for less experienced. Some rocky reef areas, some eelgrass beds, and the biggest field of sea pen I have ever seen - including their accompanying nudibranch. Historically impacted site (from nearby pulp mill) however mill's recent inactivity makes this a good dive to observe an ecosystem recovering.

Parking very nearby.

High current tends to pull divers towards rapids.

For those of us who need to simply need to dive and cannot always get a boat - this is a good site if you take is easy and look closely. More experienced divers would probably get a blast out of a drift dive through Galloway Rapids. I have been told that even Butze Rapids would be a good site, but I am not advanced enough to drift dive through boiling rapids.

Rating: ** (One star - poor, 5 stars - excellent)

Entered by Erika Rolston

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