Skill Level: Novice


Beautiful beach setting in a large park. Sandy bottom with an abundance of crab, Linn Cod, and Anenomone to see. The approach to the beach is a 100 meter walk down a paved footpath, and there are a number of large logs at the upper edge of the fine stone and sand beach on which to sit or dry out your equipment after a dive. I did my first PADI open water dive here, and just love the site.

Depth Profile:
Shallow water for about 30 meters from the shore, (about 10-25 feet), but drops off to 60 feet at around 45 meters. Past 45 meters there is a strong current, and the undertow can be quite dangerous.

Washrooms,phone,boatlaunch,small concession stand. Plenty of free parking, and a running water rinse station (bring your own hose).

Strong undertow and surface currents past 45 meters from the shorelines.

All in all, a fantastic dive for those just looking for something relaxed and quiet. Lots to see, and plenty of facilities for friends and family who want to tag along for the trip.

Rating: *** (One star - poor, 5 stars - excellent)

Entered by Charles Parent-Quinn