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89% Roger's Scuba page on the WWW
Summary: Helsinki University of Technology (Matti Leinio's Scuba Site). SUB (Student Underwater club Bergen) at University of Bergen, Norway:English and Norwegian.
89% The Unofficial SCUBA British Columbia Page
Summary: You must dive with Dave & Renate Christie of Rendezvous, even if you do not dive go for Renate's food. Books On SCUBA in B.C. Dive Guides ---- ID Guides ---- Other I hope this list will grow as people discover British Columbia and write a few more books about the diving up here.
88% Performance Diver Links
Summary: Indexes | Regional | International | Agencies | Magazines | Reference | Newsgroups | Music Indexes - back to top. Music - back to top ROCKMALL - A MUSIC LOVER'S MALL.
87% Snow, Water and Wind Page
Summary: Turks & Caicos islands. more Turks & Caicos.
87% Rick's Delphi Scuba Sig's Page (Link's & More)
Summary: Baskin In The Sun Information on diving packages with Baskin on British Virgin Islands. Baskin In The Sun Information on diving packages with Baskin on British Virgin Islands.
86% Ads International Area: Victoria (all entries)
Summary: Scuba Diving ... Canada ... British Columbia ... Victoria ... The following entries may be browsed:. All photos and descriptive information are the sole property of Copyright 1995 AII Ads International Inc.
86% Cloughs Home Page
Summary: . Campbell River, BC for top class skiing and diving on the same day! WEB Wizard Version 1.2. Interactive program that creates a WWW home page (like this one).
84% rec.scuba FAQ
Summary: If submitting your search by email, place the search pattern you want in your Subject: line. If you have a more complex prescription, there are optometrists who can glue lenses into your mask.
83% Ontario Underwater Explorers SCUBA Club Inc.
Summary: Ontario Underwater Explorers (OUE) is a Toronto-based SCUBA club involved in diving, training, and any and all other aspects of life underwater. The choice came down to either the Ontario Underwater Explorers or the Horny Toads, and legend has it that OUE won by a single vote.
83% CD Composite Page
Summary: . Back to: Yacht Home Page | Whistler BC Canada Home Page. ImagePlaza Home Page | Search by: Category of Interest | Geographic Area
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