maude reef

Portion of Chart 3527 courtesy of Canadian Hydrographic Service (disclaimer)

Dive Waypoint: just south of midpoint,outboard
Anchorage Waypoint: dive off reef
Skill Level: Advanced


Staight out from reef heading for Denman, slightly south of reef midpoint. Swim for approx. 200 yards. There was a 'Hole' dropping down to about 80 ft. Around the lip of this hole is where the big Ling liked to lay, waiting to strike their prey.

Depth Profile:
Drop off into hole. Bottom sandy/silty.

Dive resort ashore at Ford Cove.

Watch depth/bottom time

I haven't dove there in awhile, but me and my brothers used to get 15 to 25lbs. Lings out of there.

Entered by Pat Thodeson

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