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Dive Waypoint: East Sooke
Skill Level: Advanced ; Current Dive


The wall on the west side of the island can only be dove at slack tide. Avoid diving here even at slack when there is a large exchange, due to back eddies and unpredictable currents.

Depth Profile:
Variable, a wall on the west side and on the north side. The west wall has all the life, and at certain points drops right off.

Not much. Charters out of Sooke.

Current, unpredictable. I've been told that Orca's could be a problem here, but can't confirm this.

Great site. The wall off of the North-West tip of the island is where all of the life is. Strawberry anemones, a very large growth of small yellow sea cucumbers on the side of the island that faces Sooke. At one point it covered a massive area and continued deep. A week later it was all gone. Basket stars, fish, the wall, and sponges. Still haven't seen Octopus or wolfeels but apparently, they're there. The outside edge of the island that faces Jaun De Fuca is interesting but haven't dove that area more than once. Many Puget Sound King Crabs.

Rating: **** (One star - poor, 5 stars - excellent)

Entered by Brad Peters

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