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This dive is located is approximately 2 km north of the Tuwanek community. Access by water only. No parking or dive facilities on shore or in the community.

Betty Pratt-Johnson refers to this as a shore dive in her 1976 book, but that was a long time ago. Please respect the residential community at Tuwanek and access this site by boat.


Entered by Andrew Daviel

Skill Level: Novice ; Current Dive


I dove Tuwanek on the May long weekend on advice from a Sechelt dive shop. In the town there is a gravel road leading to what appears to be a public beach. There is a small stream leading out to the ocean. We followed the silty stream bed to about 35 ft then headed toward the rocky shore. There was a nice ledge there supporting a good variety of marine life. Vis was good below 10 ft. Anyways, it was shore access and noone seemed to complain. In fact we arrived as a large group of kayakers were leaving, and while we were getting suited up another boat dropped off a family from a fishing trip.

Depth Profile:
Slow descent along a silty stream bed from beach. Can get to a pretty good depth. There are numerous rocky islands. Quite sheltered.

none, just the beach

a little boat traffic

A reasonable dive. Would like to go back and explore some more. Further exploration may raise the number of stars.

Rating: ** (One star - poor, 5 stars - excellent)

Entered by William Orr

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