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About the Hub

With the Hub and Microsoft's Internet Information Server on your PC (or any variety of httpd such as Apache or NCSA under Unix, MacHTTP for Mac, WebBoard, ZBServer for Win95, Win3.1, etc.), you can connect your home PC to the World-Wide-Web, even if you only have a PPP or SLIP connection with a dynamic address.

How to Connect

First, you need to set up the Webserver on your system. You can verify that it is working by trying the URL, which should return your root document.
Note: You must turn off proxy cacheing, at least while you register. Do a Shift-Reload to get a new copy. If you are coming through a firewall it won't work.

Next, you must create the file title.txt in your document root directory. This should contain one line of text with the name of your server, and should be fairly distinctive, e.g. Joe User's Fish Page rather than My Home Page. If you wish, you may create the file descript.txt with a short text description. See these examples: title.txt, descript.txt. You may also create a small GIF banner.

Then go to the Hub Request page and click on "Submit". The Hub robot will get your files and add them to its database. People viewing the Hub page will see your title, description, and banner. If they click on your link they will get documents from your computer directly. Every few minutes the robot will get your title file. If it can't get it (because you disconnected your modem), or if your title changes (maybe you logged off and someone else got your ip address), or if your links are too old, then your data will be deleted. If you want to change your description or banner, just re-submit your site.

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