Multilingual Resources

X11 Fonts

Some X11 font sets (ISO-8859, Japanese, Chinese, Korean) are available here at Most of them are available in Japan at
Some Russian fonts (X11, DOS, WinXX) are available from FREEnet NOC.

European Servers

Other Multi-lingual links

Multi-Localization enhancement of NCSA Mosaic for X 2.4
Universal Survey of Languages Demo
1995 Article about multilingualism on the Web
Foreign Languages for Travellers
Archives of HTML working group (HTML-WG)
HTML dtd
Extended Reference Concrete Syntax for SGML
ISO 639:1988. Codes pour la reprisentation des langue
ISO 639/2 :1992
ISO 3166 (1994) Country codes
SGML topics
The Multilingual World Wide Web by G.T. Nicol
TEI Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and change
FREEnet Web and Cyrillic
IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority)
Country Codes at IANA
Character sets at IANA
Japanese Encoding Methods

Internet Drafts

Selected Foreign Language Sites

INFORIS Co., ISP in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Chinese Site By MagNett Communication (GB)

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