Internet Maps

This page is under construction. Aren't they all?

Check out the cool tools at NLANR!

For a nice (big!) Mbone map, see Elan Amir's page

For a cool Java display, see Mapnet by CAIDA.

VRML version (gzipped)

Here is a topological map (made Feb 22nd) from people using the where is your computer ? page. Here is the nodebase file for anemone.

If you know the geographic position of your computer, you can add it to the database.
There is now a VRML model of these routes. The midpoint routing nodes for which no position is known are spaced out along the route; this makes some look like they're in the Atlantic. It looks like this (GIF).
There are scripts here which were used with the Caidants package to make this model.

You might also like to add your computer's location to your DNS records.
RFC 1876 Now!

See also these useful notes on how to do it, together with links to scripts, conversion utilities, etc.

Network Info

..somewhere to park useful info..

MCI routers in the US incorporate city names in the ip address (.Boston., etc.)
PSI network status

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