Visual Ping

Visual Ping - graphically display Net delay from Vancouver Webpages to your computer.

Email Verifier

Check out Internet email addresses.

Spam Checker

chkspam Email Relay Checker

Note that while this relay checker performs checks for several variants of email relay, the one at is currently more thorough (you have to register, though).

"host" gateway

Look up an Internet host at InterNIC
Lookup CA domains (gopher)


Traceroute from Vancouver Webpages to your machine.
See also the Traceroute server list at Imagined Cities.


Ping - time datagrams from Vancouver Webpages to your machine.


Finger - get information about a person at a remote machine


Whois - interrogate the InterNIC database for information on an Internet site or administrator.
Search for:

Domain lookup

dblookup - search the Netfind database for information on an Internet site.
Search for:

Whois++ search (digger)

Whois++ - interrogate a mesh of Whois++ servers for information on people.
Search for:
Show response as: All fields Expanded list One per line
Choose a server to start search at:
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Browser/Server Test

Check information passed to the server from your browser - GO

CGI Script Debugger lets you debug CGI offline

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