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This server derives its time from the NTP network (click to show current status).

Web Time

Many, if not most, Web servers synchronize their clocks with a network of atomic clocks. This server usually maintains the correct time to within a few seconds from this network. Some do much better. See Webserver Stats for a histogram of Webserver time.

By using a JavaScript function in HTML, it is possible to discover what date and time a PC is set to. The following graph shows typical errors for a number of PCs:

Differences between browser time and this server's time

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A number of time servers are available to the public for setting their clocks. Your ISP may operate such a time server, and should be checked first. If not, you may connect to a public server. For more information about setting your computer's clock, see

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Interesting Dates:

GPS Rollover - 21 August 1999

Some GPS (Global Positioning System) thought it was 6 January 1980 again, including many in Japanese luxury cars. Certain GPS equipment may require a software upgrade to handle time after 21 August 1999.

Y2K - 1 January 2000

Were we lucky, or was it due to all that money and effort ? I found some cosmetic problems in a couple of my scripts.