Help on entering Photos

Photographs must be entered in the common Web formats: GIF, JPEG or XBM. XBM is a monochrome format and is not supported here.

Ways and Means

If you have a video camera and frame grabber, that is probably the easiest and fastest method of entering photos suitable for inline presentation, since the per-image cost is zero and the process takes a few minutes. There are inexpensive frame grabbers which plug into the printer port of Windows/x86 platforms. Fast video input is available on many platforms, including Macintosh, PC, Sun, SGI, Alpha etc., though the hardware tends to be expensive.

One method of inputting good-quality images is via a PhotoCD. Per-image costs are below $1 in quantity, and the quality is excellent (3072x2048 pixels). You will need to convert the image from PCD format to GIF or JPEG using a PhotoCD tool or conversion software such as hpcdtoppm.

Another method is to obtain a print, then scan it on a colour scanner. Companies such as Western Digital offer this service. London Drugs has a recent photo-to-disk service which costs $0.60/image for an unexposed roll, but the output is in a proprietary format and must be converted using screen grab from an image tool. Windows/x86 only.


If you have the photo on a Website, you can enter the URL directly using the form.

The old address is now a spamtrap. Do not send mail there.

Vancouver Webpages reserves the right to reject photos for any reason (technical or content), and to process images to reduce file size or transmission overhead. We will not alter the content (edit) the images in any way.

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