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VanLUG Archive 1996-2002

This is an archive of the Mailing List operated by Dave Michelson for the Vancouver Linux User Group (VanLUG).

The list is intended mainly to allow Linux users in B.C. to share information of local interest. Topics not covered well by existing newsgroups (such as Linux in Amateur Radio and scientific computing using Linux) are also welcome. (UBC Amateur Radio Society has its own page at http://www.ve7ubc.ampr.org/)

In July 1998, the list had just under 150 subscribers.

Announcement Archive 1996-2002

This is an archive of the vanlug-announce mailing list. Messages posted here will appear in the regular archive, too, and should be limited to general announcements of at least moderate importance.

Archive 1996-2002

This archive is not complete. Until July 1997, many messages were deleted.

There is also an archive of the mail digest at http://www.gweep.ca/~edmonds/linux/VanLUG/ml-archives/

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