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The Linux booth at COMDEX/Canada West '99 will be a joint venture of CLUE and the Vancouver, Fraser Valley, and Victoria LUG's.

COMDEX/Canada West '99 will be held from January 11-13, 1999 at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre.

For detailed information concerning the show, please check out: COMDEX/Canada West '99

Show Organization

In order to "facilitate attendees' show experience" (whatever that means), COMDEX has divided the show floor into dedicated Technology Areas. These areas focus on specific IT categories, thereby enabling decision makers to see the exhibits of interest to them. Each area is supported by specialized conference sessions highlighting technology advances and marketplace trends. These areas include:

  1. The Distributed Desktop

    Next-generation PC, workstation and NC platforms for web-enabled computing

  2. Internet/Intranets

    Emerging intranet-based network computing, communications and Net-based technologies

  3. e-Commerce

    The tools and technologies required to implement Web commerce applications

  4. Multimedia

    Hot new chips and technologies - combined with the Web, server and database advances - all push multimedia to the forefront of PC sales and create new tools for corporate commerce

  5. Digital Technologies

    Emerging technologies like DVD and photo imaging, plus access platforms like Web TVs

  6. Telecommunications and Telephony

    Network hardware, services and implementation needed to run applications seamlessly across a communications infrastructure

  7. Business Intelligence

    Solutions for the corporate enterprise competing in an information-based economy

  8. British Columbia IT Pavilion

    Leading IT business solution providers and distributors based in British Columbia

  9. Microsoft Partner Pavilion

    The next wave of applications, custom solutions and hardware platforms from Microsoft's leading partners

The Distributed Desktop Area

The Linux booth will be in the "Distributed Desktop" area, along with:

CLUE Participation in the Linux booth at COMDEX/Canada West

BC LUG Participation in the Linux booth at COMDEX/Canada West

We must supply the tables, chairs, computers, posters, and such. We must also supply a carpet, phone service, partitions (Matthew tells me that all we get from COMDEX is a cloth hanging), etc. Again: CLUE will cover all booth expenses.

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