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<a href="tags.html" rel=fastextgreen value="Tags"></a>
The Green key should link to the Tags page.

jump! <a href="" rel=fastextred value="jump!"></a>
The red key should go to Vancouver Webpages' jump!

<body statuscolor="red">
The background colour for status area should be set to red.

<input type="reset" rel="fastextblue" value="Defaults">
Assign a form function to a coloured key.

<link rel="bookmark" href="">
Define target of the GoTo button

<link rel="help" href="">
Define target of the Help button

<link rel="home" href="">
Define target of the Home button as Vancouver Webpages.

<link rel="icon" href="">
Defines icons in status area (40x40 pixel max.)

<link rel=key3 default href="tags.html">
The target of the number key 3 should be the tags page.

<link rel=tickertape loop=n speed=m href="">
Define tickertape message

<link rel=vmail href="">
Define target of a "mailto" URL.

<link rel=prefetch href="">
Define page to be prefetched after current page is loaded.

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