ViewCall HTML Extensions

ViewCall On-TV is a system for using a TV set as a Web display device with a set-top box. In common with all other TV-HTML systems, page size and colour depth are limited by the TV format. HTML features vary between the systems, though.

ViewCall basically supports HTML3.2, with some exceptions. Currently there is no support for Java, JavaScript, ActiveX, plugins (EMBED), etc.

Early versions do not support frames; later ones may support a single frame within a frameset. The following tags were unsupported in a pre-release:

Audio/basic is supported through the TV sound channel


Several HTML extensions are provided to allow page designers to program the buttons. Be careful not to reprogram the Website button and leave the user no way to enter a URL without rebooting.

The remote control has four coloured buttons, a numeric keypad, a "Help" key, "Back" key, "Home" key and "Goto"key together with cursor keys, page up/down, delete and select keys. Users may purchase an optional ASCII keyboard which has these function keys as well as the regular typewriter keys.

<a href="home.html" rel=fastextred value="Home Page"></a>
Define coloured key as a hyperlink. Also green, yellow, blue.

<a href="home.html" rel="KEYn">link key N;</a>
Define numeric key as a link.

<link rel="fastextreddefault" href="" text="Search">

Define default target for coloured key. Within HEAD element.

<body statuscolor="red">
Define background colour for status area

<input type="reset" rel="fastextred" value="Defaults">
Assign a form function to a coloured key.

<link rel="bookmark" href="">
Define target of the GoTo button

<link rel="help" href="">
Define target of the Help button

<link rel="home" href="">
Define target of the Home button.

<link rel="icon" href="">
Defines icons in status area (40x40 pixel max.)

<link rel=keyNdefault href="">
Define target of the number key N

<link rel=tickertape loop=n speed=m href="">
Define tickertape message

<link rel=vmail href="">
Define target of a "mailto" URL.

<link rel=prefetch href="">
Define page to be prefetched after current page is loaded.

Demo Page