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Vancouver BC in VRML These models rely entirely on texture maps made from photographs. The first looks really good in VRweb, but VRweb doesn't handle the LODs in the second so well. Live3D and Cosmoplayer cannot currently display texturemaps bigger than about 64 pixels square, so the quality suffers. The LOD model works properly in Live3D.
While the model itself is small, the images add up. The first totals 360K, the second (LOD) 615K. Rendering the images may take a while. A Pentium with 32M is recommended (an SGI with 512M has no problem ... a 486 with 16M you wait awhile).
HTML version
These were made with a version of mk-cyl2.pl

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hpgl2vrml.tar.gzhpgl2vrml distribution
map2vrml.tar.gz map2vrml distribution

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