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hpgl2vrml.pl is a script to convert HPGL (pen plotter language) to VRML.

The script emulates an HP DraftPro plotter (D size), with a plotting area of 34,000 x 22,000 units with the origin in the center. HPGL polylines (PA,PR), arcs (AA,AR) etc. are mapped to IndexedLineSet in VRML, at z=0. Scaling commands (SC) in HPGL are not mapped to VRML Scale; rather, the HPGL input is scaled before conversion.
Labels (LB) are converted to AsciiText.

Color assignments for the pens may be given on the command line. A typical command might be: hpgl2vrml red,black,blue myfile.wrl which gives the color of pens 1,2 and 3.


Some advanced HPGL commands such as fill are not supported.
Depending on the input, the output may be extremely verbose. Every pen up command generates a new IndexedLineSet record.

Not everything has been tested.


hpgl2vrml.tar.gz hpgl2vrml distribution

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