Webgate Premium Service

This document is located at http://vancouver-webpages.com/webgate/premium.html

Recently (2001) Webgate has become very busy, causing the system load to become very large and the server to crash. ( data rate, system load, system load)
In order to reduce the load on the server, Webgate will in future operate a premium service for a fee. The basic service, intended for people with poor connections to access text, will continue to operate at no charge.

The premium service will have a larger limit on file size than previously.
The basic service will have a smaller limit on file size. It may also limit certain MIME types.

If there is sufficient membership in the premium service, I may be able to offer improved service, such as:

Maximum file size:150K1M

The secondary server may have lower limits

I can also send files on a CD-ROM for a fee (maximum 640Mb/disk) by airmail. A website may be placed on a disk using wget. Please enquire.

Register for Webgate Premium Service
If you are unable to regiater online, please email me. We can accept money orders via airmail.