Webgate Premium Service Registration

Please send a money order payable to Vancouver Webpages in the amount of US $3 for each month of service to:

Vancouver Webpages
Box 357
185-9040 Blundell Road
Richmond BC
V6Y 1K3

Please allow a few days for processing
To enquire about order status, please email sales@vancouver-webpages.com

If you have access to a direct Web connection, you may pay by credit card as follows:
Premium service is USD $3 per month.

Payment is made via Internet Billing Company of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US, using their secure server. Please fill in address fields correctly. Zip codes (Post Code in Canada, UK) must be in proper format as recommended by your Postal Authority (e.g. uppercase). Too many verification failures will cause your credit card number to be blocked by iBill.