Worldmap VRML extraction

Example World (VRML 1.0 gzipped), LOD World (VRML 1.0 gzipped, with 3 LODs), Vancouver at resolution 500.

This is the old CIA vector database, giving coarse geographical and political features. No altitudes, no names. A newer version may be purchased on CD-ROM.

worldmap.c was originally written by James Phillips at Marquette University and was adapted by Stuart Levy of the umn Geometry Center.

Changes by Andrew Daviel,

The worldmap package is available from

The worldmap.c, Makefile here are modified slightly and sph2wrl is a new program to generate VRML 1.0

The modified files are available at

worldmap.c has been changed slightly to distinguish database types in the output. This information may be used to portray items in distinct colours. Mapping in Makefile (PostScript) and sph2wrl (VRML) assigns colours to types. A list of types is appended.

worldmap generates vector-based maps from a database. The resolution, lat/long coverage, and required features are configurable. No text information (placenames, etc.) is available, but may be merged from other sources quite easily using wwwInlines in VRML. worldmap can generate a variety of formats, including vector-based (fast) PostScript. An intermediate step is required to create VRML or OOGL output.

Colour codes required in PostScript header (see Makefile) and in sph2wrl are as follows:

       101      Demarcated or delimited boundary
       102      Indefinite or in Dispute
       103      Other line of separation of sovreignty on land

       201      Coast, islands and lakes that appear on all maps
       202      Additional major islands and lakes
       203      Intermediate islands and lakes
       204      Minor islands and lakes
       206      Intermittent major lakes
       207      Intermittent minor lakes
       208      Reefs
       209      Salt pans -- major
       210      Salt pans -- minor
       213      Ice Shelves -- major
       214      Ice Shelves -- minor
       215      Glaciers

       301      Permanent major rivers
       302      Additional major rivers
       303      Additional rivers
       304      Minor rivers
       305      Double lined rivers
       306      Intermittent rivers -- major
       307      Intermittent rivers -- additional
       308      Intermittent rivers -- minor
       310      Major canals
       311      Canals of lesser importance
       312      Canals -- irrigation type

       401      Tectonic plates
       418      Meridians
       419      Parallels

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