Definition of the VW96 schema

List of Suggested Object Types

Suggestions for values of the ObjectType META tag, e.g.
See OCLC/NCSA Metadata Workshop Report

Why ObjectTypes?

In order to refine a Web search, it is useful to be able to specify a particular ObjectType drawn from a finite set of words. For example, a search for ObjectType=Dictionary and keyword=hacker should return only dictionaries of hacker jargon, etc. and not a (possibly very long) list of documents that happen to contain the words "dictionary" and "hacker", or mention a hacker's dictionary without necessarily giving its URL. While moderated lists such as Yahoo! do an excellent job of presenting documents in accurate categories, they cannot offer the coverage or updating capability of robot-based search engines. Robot-based engines, on the other hand, are notorious for generating a deluge of tangential information.

VW96-schema.html is a suggested initial list of Object Types. Ideally it should not grow beyond the size that may be displayed on one page or scrollable list. Since object types may be qualified with regular keywords, this may be feasible.
Although the types given are English words, there is no requirement for the selection document to be in English, or indeed the user ever to see the raw ObjectType names.

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