VW96 schema description

Defined values of the ObjectType META tag, e.g.
See for a discussion.

Homepage - The Web homepage for a company, organisation, or individual; e.g. "objecttype=homepage keywords=Tektronix" to find Tektronix' homepage (www.tek.com).

FAQ - A Usenet/Web FAQ - (Frequently Asked Questions) list, with answers.

RFC - An Internet RFC (Request for Comments)

Document - General document (default type)

World - General VRML world (default typ e)

RealWorld - VRML representation of some real-world object. Wrl file should meet certain guidelines:

The default viewpoint is looking North. When looking down, North is up and East to the right as for a conventional map.

Index - An browsable index of related documents; e.g.:
"objecttype=index keywords=forestry timber" to find lists of URLs about forestry, timber cutting, etc..

Magazine - An online magazine, not necessarily accepting submissions from the public.

Mall - An online shopping mall where products may be purchased.

Dictionary - An online dictionary, either natural language or jargon, specialized words, etc.; e.g. "objecttype=dictionary keywords=english german" to find an English-German dictionary.

Archive - An archive of software or other files; e.g. "objecttype=archive keywords=Perl".

Search Engine - An online search engine; e.g. "objecttype=search keywords=japan" to locate search engines operating in Japan.

Hypercatalog - An online, moderated, categorized list of online resources (such as Yahoo!); e.g. "ObjectType=hypercatalog keywords=world" to locate the original.

Keybank - A repository for PGP or other encryption keys.

Manual - An online technical manual for a program, piece of equipment, etc.; e.g. "ObjectType=manual keywords=ford V8" to locate manuals on Ford engines.

Book - An online book; e.g. "ObjectType=book keywords=modem" to locate books about modems.

Database - An online database, searchable but not necessarily browsable, eg.:
"objecttype=database keywords=dna human gene genome" to find a database of human DNA.
"objecttype=database keywords=email australia" to find email directories in Australia.
"objecttype=database keywords=telephone phone orlando" to find a phonebook for Orlando,

Journal - An online, refereed journal to which people may submit articles for publication; e.g. "ObjectType=journal keywords=astrophysics".

Catalog - A catalog of items in stock or for sale, not necessarily online, e.g. "ObjectType=catalog keywords=Denver diapers" to locate somewhere selling diapers in Denver.

Linecard - A list of product names or marques carried by a distributor or manufacturer, e.g. "ObjectType=linecard keywords=Xilinx" to find distributors carrying Xilinx programmable devices.

HOWTO - An Internet/Usernet HOWTO document; a cookbook for some piee of software or hardware.

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