HTML REL and REV Attributes

The REL attribute may be used with LINK to define a forward relationship with another document. E.g.
<LINK rel=help href="">
where is a help page for the current document.

REL and REV may also be used with the anchor (A) tag. LINK tags may only appear in the document head.

REL Attributes

See HTML 3.2

HTML3.2 REL attributes

top, contents, index, glossary, copyright, next, previous, search, - suggestions from HTML 3.2. WebTV uses the next tag for prefetch.

HTML4.0 attributes

See HTML4.0 Draft (Links) Start, Alternate are defined in addition to Contents, Index , Glossary, Copyright, Next, Previous, Start, Help, Bookmark, Stylesheet defined previously.

Schema tag

The SCHEMA link gives the URL of a document describing the scheme used to assign metadata to the current document. Origin: Dublin Core. E.g.
<META NAME="VW96.objecttype" CONTENT="Dictionary">
Note: This example is from an older version of the Dublin Core draft.

ViewCall REL tags

home, bookmark, tickertape, vmail, icon, prefetch, keyn, fastxx - ViewCall tags (TV-HTML)

AOLpress tags

AOLpress generates a number of optional LINK tags with HTML3.2 recommended attributes: A TITLE attribute may be given, e.g.
<LINK REL=Home TITLE="Home Page" HREF="/index.html">

Agent Markup Language

See the AML pages.

REV tag

Used with the LINK tag to indicate a reverse relationship. May be paired with REL tag where a one-to-one correspondance exists. E.g.
<LINK rev=help href="">
where the current document is a help page for

Legacy use:

<LINK rev=made href="mailto:document-owner">
A hotkey in the Lynx browser will send mail to the document owner.

See HTML 3.2

BASE tag

The BASE tag gives the URL used to dereference relative URLs. The URL is typically the "real" URL of the document, e.g.
<BASE href="">
A BASE tag is useful if the document may be copied to another location, or accessed by another path with a symbolic link, imagemap redirect, etc.

See HTML 3.2


Not all in-page references from the list have been implemented


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