Discussion - REL, REV, BASE

REL Attributes

alternate HTML4.0Link to different versions of the same document
annotation w3Subsiduary notes
approves w3attributes value
author SQDocument Author
back reservedDefined by browser
banner SQInclude as banner
begin SQStart of sequence
biblioentry SQBibliographic entry
bibliography SQIdentifies Bibliography
bookmark SQLink to key entry point
bookmark ViewCallDefault URL for Bookmark key
child SQIdentifies subdocument
citation SQBibliographic citation
contents AMLObjects found on pages
contents HTML3.2Table of Contents
copyright HTML3.2Copyright Statement
definition SQDefinition of term
disclaimer SQLegal disclaimer
editor SQLink to editor
embed w3Embed into current document
end SQEnd of sequence
fastxx ViewCallDefine URL for hotkey xx
first SQStart of sequence
footnote SQIdentifies footnote
forward reservedDefined by browser
glossary AMLClasses of objects used
glossary HTML3.2Glossary for current document
help ViewCallhelp for current document
history w3list of document versions
home reservedDefined by user
home ViewCallDefault URL for Home key
hotlist raggett hotlist
icon ViewCallDefine status area icon
include SQInclude at current position
includes w3Includes
index HTML3.2Index of current document
interested w3Is interested in
keyn ViewCallDefine URL for keypad key n
lang SQLanguage
last SQEnd of sequence
made w3is author of document
meta SQLink to meta-information
navigator SQDefines navigational aid
next HTML3.2, WebTVNext document to visit
owns w3responsible for document
parent SQIdentifies parent document
pointer SQIndirection
precedes w3next document in structure
prefetch ViewCallDefine URL to be prefetched
present w3Must also be present
previous HTML3.2Previous document in set
publisher SQLink to publisher
refutes w3Refutes proposition
reply w3Related notes
schema DublinLink to Metadata schema
search w3search next document
search HTML3.2Search page for current document
sibling SQIdentifies sibling document
start HTML4.0Link to first document in collection
stylesheet CSSStylesheet
subdocument w3lower in structure
supersedes w3previous version
supports w3Supports proposition
tickertape ViewCallURL of tickertape message
toc SQTable of Contents
top HTML3.2Top of hierarchy
trademark SQLink to trademark notice
translation SQTranslation to another language
up w3Parent of document
urc raggettURC (Uniform Resource Catalogue)
useglossary w3Glossary Indexs
useindex w3Related indexes
vmail ViewCallDefine mailto gateway
X-Maintains asbSite maintainer
X-See-Also asbRelated documents

REV tags

BASE tag Copyright Status