Vancouver Webpages Rating Service (VWP1.0)

Version 1.0.

This is an experimental PICS-based ratings service. It is a self-service ratings scheme, meaning that content providers can rate their own pages. Vancouver Webpages has no mandate to ensure that pages are rated correctly, but will listen to complaints. PICS headers include a contact address for the person responsible for rating a page or site; use View Source to examine the PICS data and check the by field.

VWP1.0 Rating Scheme

The header generator is also a document describing the various categories in the scheme. The current categories are: In this scheme, all the categories have an ordered integer value associated with them. Since the browser may expect all categories to be "vices", some categories classed as "virtues" have negative values. The default value in the header generator is zero (though in Internet Explorer, the default is the lowest number).

Other Documents

  • PICS project at
  • PICS HOWTO and development scripts

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