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Rating Name: VWP1.0

PICS Version: 1.1

Description: Vancouver Webpages Canadian PICS ratings, version 1.0




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You may specify an entire site, a directory tree, or a single file. The rating tag must be applied to the correct URL or site, otherwise the pages will be inaccessible to all ratings users.

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Category values are presented most-desireable-first. Browsers will typically pass documents with one of the first N possible values, where the number N is set by a parent or password holder.

Category: Multiculturalism

Representation of multi-cultural activity or activities from another culture Select Limit:

Category: Educational Content

Select Limit:

Category: Environmental Awareness

Select Limit:

Category: Tolerance

Select Limit:

Category: Violence

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Category: Sex

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Category: Profanity

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Category: Safety

Treatment of personal and general safety issues Select Limit:

Category: Canadian Content

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Category: Commercial Content

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Category: Gambling

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