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This form will generate HTML META tags suitable for inclusion in your HTML document. These tags allow better indexing by robot-driven search engines, such as AltaVista, Infoseek and searchBC, and now includes some DC.lite elements. See about mk-metas2 for more details.
To generate PICS META tags for adult content see the RSAC or SafeSurf generators.

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Coverage.PlaceName:,minutes,seconds; decimals allowed)
Latitude: ° ' "
Longitude: ° ' "

Owner: (Email address)

Expires: e.g. +25 days or Sunday, 12-May-96 00:36:05 GMT

Charset (Recommended if not ISO8859-1)

Charset: (other :)

Language: (other :)
Dialect (country): (other :)

Robots: Controls Web robot traversal NOFOLLOW NOINDEX

Object Type

This may change to be in line with current Dublin Core practice.
The menu uses the VW96 schema
ObjectType: (other :)
If your document is indexed according to some defined scheme such as Library of Congress or Medline, you may consider using more complete Dublin Core metadata.


Controls searchBC. Obsolescent.
Revisit: e.g. 15 days, 1 month

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