Class Flag Specification


Designed by:

Peter and Charles A. Nicholson 1962/63

Built by:

Moulders: Halmatic Ltd., Havant, Hampshire, P09 lJR.
Marks I to III finished by Field Aircraft Services, Wymeswold and Camper and Nicholson, Gosport.
Marks IV to XI finished by Halmatic and Camper and Nicholson.
Marks I to VIII marketed by Camper and Nicholson.
Marks X and XI marketed by Halmatic.

Useful contacts:

The Nicholson 32 Association.

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Nicholson 32 "Brumby"

Nic32 BRUMBY, ex FORTITER, originally CAN CAN - Hull No. 002.
Our archivist, Jeremy Lines, on the foredeck.