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This is getting a bit stale; however, I'll keep some of the "connected" links.

Initially the Internet was developed for the US defense establishment, then was taken up by Universities and the scientific research community. More recently, business has discovered that it can work for them, too.

Most major corporations now have Web sites, such as:

Many corporations have registered their Web servers in the form "". In Netscape, for instance, you can just type the name like "Kodak" or "microsoft". Vancouver Webpages' jump! gives this ability to older browsers, and has a small database based on page titles.

Many government departments at all levels of government now have Web sites. See Vancouver Webpages' Blue Pages.

Many database services exist on the Web, such as Yahoo!, Excite and the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers. Using these, you can quickly find products and services world-wide.

Getting (better) Connected

Proxy Cacheing

While the majority of users are still running at 28.8, the modem is the bottleneck. As soon as you go beyond to ISDN, T1 or cable modem, the Internet is the bottleneck. Proxy Cache can help with some of this, by making popular pages and particularly images available locally. See the Cache Now! initiative.

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